Friday, May 29, 2009

Squirrels Book Up All Tickets to Sacred Earth Concert in London

Greetings to all lovers of inner peace and world enlightenment to embrace a collective consciousness of harmony, well-being and prosperity for all citizens of out planet.

We have all come a long way, lived many lives, and we are now approaching the moment to when our planet and all of us finally begin to harmonize with the new song of our mother planet.

The death rattles of the old pattern are loud within our ears as it passes away and moves elsewhere to teach other souls relevant to that level of learning.

Be steadfast in your resolve to be free of fear within your mind, heart, soul and being on all levels.

Allow your sacred elemental body on the physical/material realms to be constantly renewed with light, love and truth in every moment.

One of the ways we can maintain this accord is through Sacred Earth music, which beloved divine mother has sent to us.

Sacred earth music
fills oneself with love, light and truth.

If you happen to be in London or near by, catch up with Sacred Earth in concert. Divine bliss, Trust me. Bliss.

Trust the instinct of the squirrels n England and go to a Sacred Earth concert.

Signing out 'till next time, your fellow traveller of light.

Krishna Paul

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