Friday, May 29, 2009

Lifting your Day into Light

Aho Mah Tac We Usan Aho...

Good morning to the world family of squirrels - light workers for the new dawning of humanity.

Where there is disorder and disharmony, there is dis-ease. Continued support for this state of be-ing will eventually create disease within the mind, ethereal and elemental bodies, and eventually the soul.

Learn to be still. relax your mind. Turn the engine of this world off. Be still in your self. Just relax.

There are many methods and techniques for relaxing and finding stillness. look at them, find them and choose one that is right for you.

Look not to substances and fear based thought control systems, but rather to light, love and the truth of trust within your own being.

Look for the love. Look for the divine. Look for the peace and beauty in everyone and everything.

Have a nice day.

Om Mani Pad Me Om.

Krishna Paul

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