Friday, May 29, 2009

Energy for the Bodies - Light

We all need to eat food and drink water to stay alive.

What is actually happening when we consume food and water is that we are taking quantities of light that are released from the food once it is digested into our bodies, particularly the physical elemental body.

However, the amount of light in some foods being consumed is questionable - over refined and take away foods, for example, have very little or no vitality whatsoever. So it is important, in order to maintain a high level of nourishing vitality, that we choose and consume foods whole natural foods, which are rich in life generating vitality.

Fruit and vegetables, nuts, and cereals are an excellent source of refined light. Meat is a source of light giving vitality, although a lot more energy is required by the body to digest this food in order for the light bearing vitality to be released.

In regard to meat, the closer to a natural whole food the meat is, the more light releasing vitality it will have to release into the body. There is also a question of morality, which is a personal one relevant to the individual's understanding within their current life.

There are people who live successful lives, existing entirely on meat/flesh. This lifestyle was chosen by the in-dwelling soul as an subsequent expression to their past actions and deeds, and the relevance of the present incarnation.

It is important to acknowledge this article is a general over-view and one could delve into much deeper detail about all aspects, if required.

There is much discussion about organic foods and conventional foods. Again, the closer to the natural source inherent within the unfolding elemental patterning that is expressing itself within a particular plant, fruit, nut or animal. The higher quantities of life giving light is to be found in the relevant choice of food.

The most efficient method within the natural world of attracting and holding light is through the process of photosynthesis within all plant life.

Animals consume plants that have light within their cells. Thus light is absorbed into their systems and if a human consumes that animal, they are accessing the inherent light particles within the cells of the animal. A step or a number of steps away from the direct light process of photosynthesis.

An important factor that always must be taken into consideration is the balance of the individual's being, particularly the mind. If the mind and its associated energy reading system, the emotions and dis-eased fear/control based patterns are in control creating a negative fear based environment, then this will undermine the positive attributes of balanced correct eating.

Clean, energised water is essential for balanced overall being function. Elimination of toxic waste and the transmission of the vitality along the energy grids in a balanced and harmonious manner.

There is a third method of taking light/vitality into our beings and this is through breath. There are a number of techniques that will accomplish this, for example, Qi Gong, yoga, some shamanic and tantric techniques and general exercise will assist in the absorption of light, prana, chi, life giving forces into our beings.

To the advanced traveller on the path, there are other higher forms and techniques for the absorption of living pranic forces. However, these are best left to the discretion and discernment of the teacher/pupil relationship.

Krishna Paul

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