Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Streaming through Life ........

When does it cease to drive you,the quest for living .... on and on and on, regardless of the road signs along the way and the weather up ahead.
The hunger for self ... gratifying and ... fullfilling and the mind keeps on tellin' ya it's good ,this is the stuff that life is made of.
But the stuff is kinda dry, like a stale ol'e biscuit pastry with nothin' inside and it's been worked for too long and much too hard,and it settles like dust in yer moth and clogg's up yer throat and yer' choked to death as you cough desperately for air.
A form comes to me from within the light and it's speaking to me "" Welcome home,yous back from the grave yard,the one on hell's living""
I open my mouth ter speak and nothing come's out .... ooohh of course it's been awhile and i send my love to this form becoming life and within the love say ""Yeah gidday,i's bin' away ... it's bin' awhile"" and my heart glows and pulse's within the love.
Yeah , it's sooo good to be home .